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San Diego/Riverside Opportunities:
1. 206-acre proposed CDFG conservation bank near Crest in the PAMA, additional acreage available
2. 39-acre wetlands on a tributary of the San Luis Rey
3. 140-acre wetlands with upland, restoration potential in North SD County, Santa Margarita Watershed
4. 83-acres wetlands restoration in the SLR

5. 11 acres wetlands restoration in the SLR
6. 80 acres CSS in Northern San Diego County E of I-15
7. 8-acres of wetlands in Vista (creation, restoration, enhancement)
8. 19.6 acres wetlands in North SD County near I-15, possibly another 20 adjacent acres available.
9. 80 acres of arroyo toad/wetlands near I-15 North SD County
10. 200-acre ranch in Fallbrook with a stream and bio reports available, restoration and/or development potential 75 homes
11. 120 and 40-acre parcels in San Pasqual PAMA Metro-Lakeside Jamul section bio available, restoration potential (burned in 2004)
12. 16-acre oak, chaparral, conifer, shank in Pine Valley.
13. 1000 acres in 11 parcels near Campo, various habitats.
14. 200+ acres of mitigation w/2 blueline streams, wetlands, uplands, year-round creek in Riverside county near Temecula (neighboring parcels also available)
15. 788 acres near San Jacinto
Statewide Opportunities:
1. 735 acre USFWS approved CTS and VP bank in Solano County
2. 73 acre Slough (proposed bank) in Solano County/ San Joaquin Delta
3. 40-acre Limestone Salamander habitat Mariposa County
4. 1000 acre RLF, CTS, KFox potential bank in Alameda, San Joaquin County
5. 500+ acres near Santa Clarita Haskell Creek, Santa Clara river watershed, with multiple species and bio available, development potential for 167 homes or mitigation bank.
6. 2100 acres near the Colorado River, near Blythe (possibly available soon)
7. 197-acre potential GGS habitat (rice farm) in Sutter County
Please call for pricing and more information.
Joanne Rodriguez
Mitigation Land Specialist
(760) 580-1969